Start with a Basic Bagger then add the options,
upgrades or accessories that you need

The basic machine includes hopper/tank on frame with filling funnel for bag and a manual start foot pedal. We have a wide range of sizes, options and accessory’s that can improve your productivity, remove your dependence on external power making the unit usable in any location.

Options and Upgrades

Choose from any of these options, upgrades or accessories to create the bagger that best suits your needs

  1. Mobile Or Fixed

    • Road registerable trailer
    • Forklift tine slots
    • Heavy Duty yard wheels
  2. Hopper/Tank Options

    • Customized hopper/tank size 1, 2, 3 or 4 cubic c/mt
    • In hopper/tank mixer for materials that bridge and clog
    • Pneumatic anti bridging jets
    • Removable Roller table and Framework
    • Wet sand – Roller table and Framework
    • Offside spill lip
  3. Filler/bag chute

    • Single or Dual bag chute
    • Auto start – to fill up to 400 bags/hour
    • “Baghorn” Pneumatic bag holder (Requires air)
    • Digital Batch Check weighing scales
  4. Bag sealer

    • Sewn or Heat seal
    • Solid state starter with timer, no wearing parts,
      needed when running on extension leads or generators,
      (standard with generator upgrade?)
  5. User Safety

    • Pneumatic Filler foot pedal for safety.
      (Requires compressor or air)
    • Pneumatic Bag sealing unit foot pedal for safety
      (Requires compressor or air)
  6. Mobile productivity options

    • Air Compressor
    • Generator
    • Work lights
    • Power distribution, with earth leakage current/RCD protection