We are excited to learn of a new TAFE course “Manage on farm composting” (AHCORG408 – Release 1)

This TAFE course will show you how to implement and manage an on farm compost system, explain the chemistry and flow of the composting processes and what’s involved with manage a composting site.

Once you have completed TAFE course you will be able to make compost, evaluate it’s quality and implement remedial actions if required. The business side is also covered with modules on implementing workplace health and safety policies, site quarantine and biosecurity protocols.

The candidate must demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Compost quality standards
  • Basic principles of composting
  • Different methods of composting
  • Characteristics of a range of raw materials
  • Fundamental characteristics of compost quality
  • Steps in pre-processing compost materials
  • Batch documentation techniques
  • Site and equipment requirements for on farm composting
  • Key process control stages critical to consistent compost production
  • Overview of systems and technologies used in compost production, particularly as relevant to farm
  • Characteristics and categories of a range of compost products.
  • Relevant environmental, work health and safety legislation and regulations
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Site quarantine and biosecurity protocols
  • Agro-ecological principles
  • Principles, practices and inputs allowable under the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce if applicable

Competency is to be assessed in the workplace and/or a simulated environment that accurately reflects performance in a real workplace setting.

To find out more visit https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/AHC/AHCORG408_R1.pdf