Langstrå, Remote controlled slope mower

The Langstra is an all terrain remote controlled slope mower that is designed for maintenance of inaccessible, uneven and difficult terrain areas. It’s able to go where regular mowers and tractors are unable venture for environmental and OH&S reasons (slopes as steep as 60°)


 All terrain radio controlled slope mower

The Langstra Remote Controlled Slope Mower is an Australian designed and built remote controlled slope mower, specifically constructed for Australian environmental and OH&S conditions.

The Langstra and can clear ground more than ten times faster  than a hand held brush cutter, moving through grass over 1m high with ease

The unique part of the “Langstra” is it simple, uncomplicated rock – solid engineering, with parts and support available, Some of the unique features of the Langstra”, fan forced external oil coolers for improved engine/ transmission the life span, additional cooling for the hot Australian climate, no exposed belts underneath, where branches, grass and vegetation can get caught.

The Langstra Features

  • 23hp briggs stratton  Series 4 INTEK Over Head Valve ENGINE
  • fitted with external oil cooler for australian conditions
  • Hydro Gear hydrostatic zt transmission fitted with external oil coolers
  • 150 mm skid steer tracks
  • 52 inch 3 blade slasher cutting deck
  • Front lights
  • Flashing beacon
  • EMS stop from remote
  • remote start
  • remote cutter  engage
  • engine oil pressure cutoff
  • automatic engine speed
  • skidsteer or game controller steering setting


The Langstra is a rugged multi purpose mower that’s designed for maintenance of inaccessible,
uneven and difficult terrain areas and is safely able to mow slopes as steep as 60°.


It’s low weight and minimal ground pressure make it the ideal mower for causing minimal damage

to sensitive wetlands and protected areas.


The Langstra is a remote controlled self-propelled mower for the flora maintenance of steeply sloping areas like road and park embankments, public areas and hillsides; that are normally maintained by brush-cutter teams or tractor-powered reach mowers. Although referred to as a  slope mower, “it performs more like a radio-control slasher”. It’s capable of cutting waist-high growth, thick and wet grass, weeds and small shrubs and plants.


Ideal for

  • Highway embankments
  • Local authorities
  • River banks, dams and ponds
  • Railway embankments
  • restricted access areas

Technical Specifications

  • Length – 170cm
  • Width – 150cm
  • Height – 60cm
  • Cutting speed up to 8 km/hour
  • Weight – 400-500kgs approx
  • Motor – Intek diesel Briggs and Stratton
  • Turning radius – 0?
  • Working gradient – 40 dirg
  • Remote range – 100 meters
  • Mower cutting deck – 130cm
  • (NB – Disclaimer for changes in technical specifications etc.)


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