USED CT360 Windrow Turner For Sale
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USED CT360 Compost Turner
USED CT360 Compost Turner



The CT360 is an Australian made and designed, tractor pulled compost turner /windrow turner, that comes fitted with a spray system for applying compost inoculants and starters. The JPH Turners is the equal of any Compost/Windrow Turner currently sold in the world and Australian designed & manufactured with support available in Brisbane.  The CT360 has a 3600mm wide fully galvanised tunnel it also has a patented drum and paddle design that breaks up and mixes your compost ingredients while providing maximum aeration and product blending. The design also lifts the windrow to a greater height which allows more Compost material to be added thus improving productivity.

CT360 Compost Turner /Windrow Turner Specs:

  •     Manufactured: Australian Manufactured for Australian Conditions
  •     Tow Speed: Requires “creeper” or hydrostatic gearing.
  •     Drum Width: Uses a 3.6m wide drum.
  •     Windrow Size: Makes windrows 3.6m wide and 1.8m high.
  •     Weight: 2400kg
  •     Output: 1300 cubic meters per hour.
  •     Tractor Required: Suggested requirement of a minimum of 100hp tractor



Call 0411 695 335 to find out more