WT5000 Water Wagon is a 5000 litre mobile tow behind water unit that is designed for use with the CT Series Windrow Turner, or standalone farm use around the farm.


JPH Equipment, WT5000 Water Wagon is a 5000 litre mobile tow behind water unit that is designed for use with the CT Series Windrow Turner, or standalone farm or construction applications including, dust suppression, road maintenance, stock watering or any other jobs around the farm. The corrosive resistant poly water will provide years of maintenance free service, its manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions


The WT5000 Water Wagon features

  • 5000 litre corrosion resistant poly water tank for maintenance free service.
  • Built-in water level sight tube
  • A powerful chemical resistant 5 hp petrol pump that pumps 350+ lt/min
  • Checker plate pump deck allows for easy refuelling and hose storage.
  • A large 2″ hose fitted with BSP camlocks for easy connection.
  • Hose guide for use with any CT Series Windrow Turner,
    to allow supply of water the windrow turner as it moves.
  • 2” male BSP camloc ports for fill/discharge of water.
  • 4 metre suction hose
  • 2” butterfly valves for manual operation
  • Heavy duty puncture resistant agricultural tyres designed for a stable ride
  • A removable drawbar for fast/easy storage

The WT5000 Water Wagon can also be fitted with spray arms for spraying or wetting down dirt roads whilst being towing, or firefighting. Transporting water around the property becomes a breeze as the WT5000 can pump water directly from a dam or creek.

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Adding CT Series Windrow Turner

By connecting the WT5000 Water Wagon to a CT Series Windrow Turner, water can be pumped whilst the Windrow Turners is in operation.  By using the turner’s built watering system to allow you to water evenly whilst aerating the windrow in one pass. Towing WT5000 via the Windrow Turner’s offset towing arm that is specifically designed for the WT5000, turning this to a “one tractor – one person” operation saving time and fuel. Another major benefit is that it allows you to add composting starters and additives to the windrow sprayer during turning at the precise rate to achieve the maximum efficiency of composting.


As each WT5000 Water Wagon is made here in Australia we can offer many optional and almost any custom feature required. Typical options can include:

  • Reel with 25 metres 25mm washdown hose
  • Wired Remote for any or all water actuators
  • Inbuilt baffle system for safety and stability
  • Galvanised frame
  • Forklift sockets, and or lifting/tie down points
  • 50mm/2” Rear Spray bar with electrically actuated spray valves
  • Suction fill kit, to fill from dams or creek
  • Dribble bar (electrically actuated)
  • Flashing/Rotating beacon
  • Electric trailer brakes
  • Custom/company colours


  • 5000 litre poly water tank
  • chemical resistant 5 hp electric start petrol pump
  • Water flow of up to 350+ lt/min
  • 2” male BSP camloc ports
  • Heavy duty agricultural tyres
  • 3600(L) x 2000(W) x 2500(H)mm
  • 850kg (empty)

Product guarantee

Every WT5000 Water Wagon is designed and manufactured by JPH Equipment in Brisbane Australia.  JPH Equipment have been designing and manufacturing quality equipment for over 25 years.  As small business, we have the ability to respond to your needs at all times throughout the design and manufacturing process and provide innovative solutions, and we are happy to work with your unique requirements. We keep our relationships with our customers personal and transparent, and our capabilities in design and manufacturing make sure you’re receiving the same depth and breadth of technical expertise that you’d typically find in a larger organisation.