Hello, William here QBlend Pty Ltd in Carole Park QLD. I was I need of a bagging machine that could handle materials such as wood chip and Soil products, I contacted J.P.H Equipment and decided upon a Bagger 3 for my needs, it was built and delivered to my site within 7 weeks of initial order.

The Bagger 3 far exceeded my expectations and paid for itself in no time, I have no doubt that the Bagger 3 is one of the best bagging machine investments I have made, easy to load with forklift bucket and churning out 20kg bags every 2.5 seconds its just simply effort less. Also when I have needed help or advice regarding the Bagger 3 Jorgan from J.P.H Equipment is most helpful and punctual with answers.

I have had the Bagger 3 for just over 2 years now and have feed Hundreds of tonnes of product through it without any issues and wouldn’t hesitate purchasing ang bagging equipment from J.P.H Equipment

William Durrant
Qblend Pty Ltd
Carole Park QLD.
March, 2021