BATCH, Pot & Flat Filler for the Horticultural industry.  Designed to to fill the correct volume and mix of soil and fertiliser, with no back-breaking labour .


BATCH, Horticultural Pot Filler by JPH


BATCH, Pot & Flat Filler by JPH is designed to take the back-breaking labour out of pot filling in the nursery and horticultural Industry.   It is a quiet, fast, simple, reliable and consistent way of filling almost any type of pot, container, hanging basket or nursery flats, with the correct volume and mix of soil and fertiliser ready for seedings.  It designed to be fast, filling an average 8”/400mm pot in under 10 seconds, allowing you to do hundreds of uniform pots in an hour.

Batch nursery potting machine includes:

  • Fills Up to 300 8′ pots per hour
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Fast ,Simple, safe to use
  • Independent soil & fertiliser timers
  • 1,5m2 soil hopper designed for soil compost mix
  • Forklift fork slots for easy moment
  • Australian designed & manufactured


Watch our video to see how easy it is

BATCH, requires external an external compressed supply and single phase power as standard, and can be fully self contained (option  extra )


The hopper is designed to cater for a variety of materials, however the density
and moisture content can affect the hopper fill height and material bridging

– 1,5m2  hopper
– 240V ac, single phase
– 10 amps


BATCH is a easy to use and set-up nursery potting machine, that is greenhouse ready, and takes the back ache out of flat filling and nursery potting.

take the back-breaking labour out of pot filling