Bagger 1 is a general duty, semi-auto stationery bagger designed for compost, mulch, soil, bark chips, with a 2m³ hopper, bag sealing unit and bag handling roller table.


Bagger1 2023

The Bagger 1, free-standing bagger, designed for garden centers, soil & sand yards, Farms, compost and mulch suppliers.

It is ideal for company’s needing a cost effective unit to bag products for transport or retail sale. It requires minimal training, it is safe and easy to use, filling 150 to 170 bags per hour with ease. It’s 2 cubic meter hopper can easily be filled using a front-end loader or skid steer (Bobcat). The unit is built to last from 3 and 4mm plate giving it strength.

The Bagger 1, can be ordered in either single or 3 phase power.


Standard Unit Features

Optional extras

  • Bag conveyor with optional extensions
  • Electronic fill timing control, which allows
    timing to 1/100 seconds for consistent bagging
  • 600mm wide heat-sealing unit
  • Easy fill, chute design
  • Dust proof sealed bearings
  • 2 cubic meter hopper
  • Silent 6.5kw key start Diesel generator
  • Hopper level sight mirror
  • Detachable leveling feet
  • Stitching sealing unit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Work lights.

The hopper is designed to cater for a variety of materials, however the density
and moisture content can affect the hopper fill height and material bridging

Bagger1 2023


Major Features

1. Conveyor
2. Bag Sealer
3. Filling Chute
4. Trailer Hitch & Hand Brake
5. Feed Conveyor Tensioner
6. Spare Wheel
7. Conveyor Support Leg
8. Diesel Generator
9. Chain Guards
10. Main Hopper Bin
11. Support Leg

OZ Turners Baggers are available in 5 models:

  • Bagger1 is a 2m³ hopper/tank semi-auto bagger.
  • Bagger2 is a mobile 2m³ hopper/tank semi-auto bagger.
  • Bagger3 is a larger 3m³ hopper/tank stationary bagger.
  • Bagger3 Mobile is a larger 3m³ hopper/tank mobile bagger.
  • Fast Bagger

OZ Turners Bagger`s are general purpose baggers machines able to handle a wide range of compost, mulch, soil, bark chips, gravel, pebbles and sand etc.  The unit’s unique stirring/breaker unit in the front bulkhead, features a slick finger to break up lumps and keeps the bulkhead clear for easy flow to the chute. Optional adjustable metering plate can be fitted onto the bulkhead.  All standard Baggers come with bag holder, bag locking/holding mechanism during filling.

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