Fast Bagger, Emergency Sand Bagger designed for rapid on-site hi output Sand Bagging during floods, cyclone and disaster events.




Designed for Emergency Sandbagging

Fast Bagger, is a purpose designed Emergency Sand Bagger designed to provide a rapid on-site capability during floods, cyclone and disaster events. It’s designed to provide a rapid on-site hi output, and is an easily transportable sand bagging solution, that can be moved with most SUV’s, 4×4’s and trucks. and filled with most tractors, skid steer loaders.

It’s mounted on a Tandem trailer, Electrical brakes, with mechanical Handbrake with a Gross mass weight of 2500kg and a tare weight 1700kg plus any extras

The unit Features

  • Dual operator workstations
  • A Bag conveyor with optional extensions
  • Easy fill chute design
  • A large 3 cubic meter hopper
  • It’s supplied standard with a silent 6.5kw key start Diesel generator, that can be used to
    power additional work lights and charge mobile phones and 2-way radios.
  • Dust proof sealed bearings
  • Built in work lights, hopper sight mirror and fire extinguisher
  • And detachable leveling feet


The hopper is designed to cater for a variety of materials, however the density
and moisture content can affect the hopper fill height and material bridging

Let’s watch double speed a time lapse of the bagger being made ready to work in just over 4 min

This is our old smaller version




JPH Fast Bagger product points

JPH Fast Bagger 720+ Bags per Hour

JPH Fast Bagger with extended conveyor

If you would like to find out more about the Fast Bagger
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JPH Fast Bagger+Side Conveyor