Bagger 3 mobile is a heavy duty bagger for industrial use in sand yards and gravel pits. Australian Made & Designed


JPH Bagger3 Mobile

JPH Bagger3 Mobile - Production Ready

The JPH Bagger 3 mobile is a heavy duty bagger for industrial use in sand yards and gravel pits.

It features 3m³ hopper/tank with a built in Digital fill timer, Compressor, Bag sealing unit and Bag handling roller table. It’s built-in forklift inserts, to allow safe and easy moment of the unit around to your work-site. The Bagger3 is equipped with a 2.2kW motor and a heavy-duty helical gearbox, easy roller table lift, adjustable sealer height, bag holder and bag lock.  All JPH Equipment Bagger`s are ideal for compost, sand, crusher dust, screened compost, small pebbles and similar products. 
While our standard chute will work with most fill, your chute can be specially designed and manufactured to achieve the best flow for your product and to suit the size of your bags.

A major OH&S feature of all our baggers is that the operator can stand fully upright whilst operating the machine, reducing posture stress, fatigue and RSI.  JPH’s 20 years’ design and manufacturing experience allows us to create equipment with operator safety, comfort, structural strength and durability in mind.  Custom options include stitcher or heat sealed bag sealer, product table and timed or weighed fill for accurate metering.  Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.



● 170 – 350+ bags/hour, (depending upon product)
● 3m³ standard machines, with other sizes 2m³, 5m³ upon request
● Fully welded steel construction
● High torque drive roller and self-cleaning idler
● Heavy duty European built gearbox and 2kw motor
● Tough chevron belt with nylon guides for less friction
● Bag conveyor with optional extensions
● Built-in Forklift Pockets
● 600mm wide heat-sealing unit
● Adjustable legs for uneven surfaces.
● Dust proof sealed bearings
● 316 Stainless Steel Construction
● Dual Axle Trailer, with electric brakes
● Single head (timed or weight), Dual fast head
● Extended motorised roller table or rest plate for bag
● Motorised handling belt for heavier bags
● Low friction feed system for commercial use
● Electronic Timed Fill or ● Fill to Weight sensor
● PLC with 20 product menus and batch counting
● Trailer with on-board generator for remote use
● Heat Sealer or Sewing machine for bag closure
● Bulk Bag Capability
● Custom Colours & Logos

The hopper is designed to cater for a variety of materials, however the density
and moisture content can affect the hopper fill height and material bridging

The Bagger 3 is a Industrial quality semi-auto stationary unit can fill over 300+ bags an hour OR about 250+ bags an hour if individually weighing each bag.  The Bagger 3 is a general purpose able to handle a wide range of compost, mulch, soil, bark chips, gravel, pebbles and sand etc. The unit’s unique stirring/breaker unit in the front bulkhead, features a slick finger to break up lumps and keeps the bulkhead clear for easy flow to the chute.