Testimonial: QBlend Pty Ltd – Carole Park QLD.

Hello, William here QBlend Pty Ltd in Carole Park QLD. I was I need of a bagging machine that could handle materials such as wood chip and Soil products, I contacted J.P.H Equipment and decided upon a Bagger 3 for my needs, it was built and delivered to my site within 7 weeks of initial order.

The Bagger 3 far exceeded my expectations and paid for itself in no time, I have no doubt that the Bagger 3 is one of the best bagging machine investments I have made, easy to load with forklift bucket and churning out 20kg bags every 2.5 seconds its just simply effort less. Also when I have needed help or advice regarding the Bagger 3 Jorgan from J.P.H Equipment is most helpful and punctual with answers.

I have had the Bagger 3 for just over 2 years now and have feed Hundreds of tonnes of product through it without any issues and wouldn’t hesitate purchasing ang bagging equipment from J.P.H Equipment

William Durrant
Qblend Pty Ltd
Carole Park QLD.
March, 2021

BATCH, Horticultural Pot Filler by JPH

BATCH Semi-automatic potting machine by JPH Equipment

Wouldn’t it be better if life was just easy?

BATCH is a Semi-automatic potting machine by JPH is designed to take the backbreaking labour out of filling pots, plugs, flats, trays, hanging baskets in the Nursery, Greenhouse, Horticultural industry.

It’s a fast, reliable and repeatable way of dispensing soil almost any type of pot with a set mix of soil and fertiliser.

  • With low voltage foot control for added safety in wet or damp areas
  • And Forklift guides for easy moment
  • Fast payback, Improves productivity 2~3 times
  • Requires little traing

It designed to be fast, filling an average 8” pot in under 10 seconds, allowing you to do hundreds of uniform pots in an hour. BATCH

eliminates muscle stress and strain allowing staff to work faster and more reliably without bending or heavy lifting

To find out more contact OZ Turners on 0400 897 575


on-site compost training

Soil Improvement Training

At OZ turners we’ve been pleased to see the upturn in the recognition that soil training can bring to a agricultural environment and the planet as a whole.  We’ve long been a supporter and believer of Dr. Elaine Ingram that soil is a complete ecosystem and needs to be looked at as a whole not simply by putting on nitrogen based fertilisers. The toxic chemicals in conventional agriculture are KILLING insects, and microbes. Then when those chemicals accumulate, they can kill larger organisms, like people. What Dr. Elaine Ingham does is teach people how to reverse these chemical dependencies.

To help you along with made a list of courses and information run by both the government and private providers all over the country we will be expanding this list as the as we go along keeping you up-to-date on what you can learn more on improving your sorrow soil and the results that you get from your farm.   We firmly maintain the LJPH equipment compost Turner’s out the market cleaning trailers and best value in the whole of Australia.  Improving your soil holistic Lee is a will return benefits for many years to come and will not simply wash away or evaporate with the next rain

Take a moment to look through a list if you know more we would love to hear when looking to build a complete list of compost and soil management training for the whole of Australia and New Zealand. 

Manage organic soil improvement – LINKPDF


Byron Community College

Soils – Organic Management – PDC Module D

Get to know your own soil – what is it made of, what will grow well in it and how you can improve your soil to make the most of what it has to offer. Delve into the world of compost, soil nutrition and microbiology as we explore some of the myriad of ways you can build a healthy, fertile, robust soil through organic practices that will help you to grow food packed full of life force. LINK

Learning Cloud – Soil Management

Learning Cloud offer Nationally Accredited Diplomas and Certificates that are recognised by the government, employers, registered training organisations and universities. Completing these courses will position you as a qualified and sought after graduate. LINK




Workshop Location Size (MB)
2015 – Soil Refresher Training Course Queensland 64 (total)
2010 Soil Health workshop Brisbane 23.2
2009 ‘Back to the Basics’ Understanding Soils Workshop Brisbane 14.6
2009 ‘Back to the Basics’ Understanding Soils Workshop Cairns 16.5
2009 An Introduction to the Theory Measurement and Interpretation of Soil Chemical Properties Brisbane and Toowoomba 8.5
2008 Understanding Soils Workshops ‘Back to the Basics’ Rockhampton 11.5
2007 Back to the Basics’ Understanding Soils Workshop Toowoomba and Brisbane 6.9
2005 Soils refresher training course Toowoomba 7.2
2002 Understanding soils soils data and land management issues Cairns 6.7
2000 Understanding soils soils data and land management issues Toowoomba 10.6
1996 Land management for urban development Brisbane 6.5
1993 Environmental soil science – a training course for the non soils specialist Brisbane 7.3
1988 Understanding soils and soil data Brisbane 8.1
1985 Identification of soils and interpretation of soil data Brisbane 15.9


Fertilisers and soil improvement