Wouldn’t it be better if life was just easy?

BATCH is a Semi-automatic potting machine by JPH is designed to take the backbreaking labour out of filling pots, plugs, flats, trays, hanging baskets in the Nursery, Greenhouse, Horticultural industry.

It’s a fast, reliable and repeatable way of dispensing soil almost any type of pot with a set mix of soil and fertiliser.

  • With low voltage foot control for added safety in wet or damp areas
  • And Forklift guides for easy moment
  • Fast payback, Improves productivity 2~3 times
  • Requires little traing

It designed to be fast, filling an average 8” pot in under 10 seconds, allowing you to do hundreds of uniform pots in an hour. BATCH

eliminates muscle stress and strain allowing staff to work faster and more reliably without bending or heavy lifting

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